Social Media in 2019

Pavan Gaikwad @

I personally believe Internet would be a much healthy place without the Social Media in its current form.

Social feeds are not a good thing to feed your brain, so let's stop. In 2019, I'm going to try and eliminate social media from my life. I'm not saying no to communication over the internet since social apps are not necessary for communication. We did it pre-social-media also. 2 problems though.

It is hard to quit because of the habits that these apps create in us.

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There is a feeling that social media is necessary for the modern artist to communicate with the audience.

In an economy where social follow count matters a lot, it is assumed that social presence is essential. But then, as you dig deeper, this is not really true. There are other ways one can communicate, which respect both the sender and the receiver.

So this year, I'll work towards creating new channels for communication.

Then again, this is personal opinion, and I still am on social media you can follow me there until you want to move to other channels.

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