Spotify in India.

I’m glad that Spotify has finally launched in India. We could argue until eternity if music streaming is good or bad for artists but the reality is streaming has changed things and it is how it is now.

Spotify is my personal favourite and they are the one who provide more control to the artist over their profile than any other service. I like that about Spotify.

I remember being hooked to 8tracks a few years ago. It was the first (for me) time I’d found a large number of user-generated playlists categorised by mood, occasion, genre, etc. I’d discovered new genres and artists on the app.

Then 8tracks ran into problems with licensors and YouTube and they put restrictions on the music available on the platform. It was all downhill from there.

After 8tracks I didn’t find the same level of accuracy in any playlist service until Spotify came along. I’m huge into playlists and the playlist v/s album argument does not make sense to me since I listen to both.

I hope people recognise how good a service Spotify is in every way as compared to the services we already have and latch onto it. Wish them all the best!

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